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Awesmiths was created for your video marketing needs. With the always changing landscape of digital marketing, we are finding videos are excellent in making more impact in social media. You will magnify your chances of being in front of new prospects easily through the use of videos on social media and search engines.


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Whether you want to take a video of a property, a large event or a group of people, using a drone is the easiest way to capture these.

You are committed to creating excellence for your customers and success for your business. Profile videos will enable to get your message to your prospect quicker than them reading a long text on your website. Videos can be used to increase your search page rankings and easily shared on social media.

Combine a property walk-in video with aerial footage of the property and increase the customers’ knowledge about the property you are selling. We can make your videos look stunning after putting together the footage and animation.


We are a small, flexible video services outfit that aims to enable growth in your business. Whether you need to create your first business video or want to videos for your ongoing business promotions, growing your business is faster because you are now being easy for your customers to access and understand you; give us a call today and you will be glad you did.


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